Who We Are

When it comes to developing audio, we believe in true innovation. At Paper Spaceship we believe that sound has the power to shape your visual experience. Striving to provide the highest level of audio production and creative approaches, Paper Spaceship seeks to explore the sonic universe that permeates throughout our cosmos. We might not be able to touch the stars themselves, but we can show you what it might sound like if you did.

Our Process

  • Project Idea

    Wether you are producing a Film, TV Show, or Video Game, Paper Spaceship's audio production team can provide the audio services your project needs, from pre-production to post.

  • Plan

    With your project in mind, we encourage to meet with our creative director and discuss a design development and production schedule.

  • Design and Create

    Once a production schedule has been established, our team of artists will begin designing and creating the music, foley, and/or sound design needs specific to your project

  • Deliver

    Once the audio is completed and has past final approval from the production company, our team will then deliver the audio to you production team

Meet the Team


Benjamin Shirey

Creative Director and Lead Composer

Luke Herbert

Musician and Production Specialist

Jolene Masone

Artistic Coordinator, Musician, Development Specialist

Arthur Strode

Sound Designer, Foley Artist, and Sound Editing

Our Services

  • Original Music

  • Sound Design

  • Foley

  • Post Production